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Just a girl with a weird sense of humor.
I love lots of stuff really...a lot (british tv shows, tv series, movies, books, manga, anime, j-rock, j-pop, j-drama, k-indie, k-pop, k-drama...and maybe a lot more). So it's basically a multifandom personal blog!
You have been warned :)

"Do you know why the rain comes?
It's because someone is praying for all your sadness to be erased. So that I can comfort you...
I'll become your rain" ?
Over The Rainbow, TRAX ♥

TripleS, A+, Primadonna, ELF, Hottest :)
"You're my daytime shooting star"


Little by little,
the door is opening

lee joon close up


”I can’t play adults”…  the curse xD

Humans “own” the potential to destroy oneself with rationality. —té (via arukemeia)

It did open, didn’t it? Kou’s door… He came out to where I am, right? But even if he hasn’t yet… when the time comes, I’ll break my way in again. I’ll break my way in over and over again! 


寒桜 (by sn0pan)

I will never forget the fragrance of coffee that I had with Irie-kun that morning.

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